Texas Poker Wisdom

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An excerpt:

Matthew "Slick" O'Malley has been a Texas road gambler for fifty years. He wants to teach his nephew, Dylan, everything about poker: its strategy, culture, language, history, pitfalls, songs, movies, books, gambling joints, and web sites.

"Did you ever want to be anything other than a gambler?" Dylan O'Malley asked his uncle.

"There's no percentage in regrets, boy. To me, it's always been about time, not money. I found early on that I was up for about fifteen hours a week of hustling as a gambler. I have always watched everyone hurrying off to work. Not me."

Dylan had saved $250,000 in poker winnings in two years. He said, "I love poker. I can't see going back to renting my life out by the hour. I can go anyplace I want all over the world and no-limit Texas Hold 'em will be there waiting for me. It's the purest form of freedom.". Texas Poker Wisdom, a novel, by Johnny Hughes

Editorial Reviews

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"Scrolling the pages of a Hughes narrative is like lighting a lantern into the darkest recess of poker's subculture. [Hughes] brings the legends of the past and present to life and often provides the very best portrait of these unique, real-life characters of anyone on record."

-Nolan Dalla, media director, World Series of Poker, best-selling author and columnist for Card Player

"Johnny Hughes's poker stories are a national treasure . hilarious stories and colorful characters . timeless classics . the stuff of history . one of my all-time favorite poker writers."

-Iggy, a.k.a. Ignatius J. Reilly, the Blogfather of Poker, GuinnessandPoker.com

"Told with authenticity and the knowledge that only a true road gambler could possess . a book that you will love . a highly enjoyable read."

-Anthony Kelly, editor-in-chief, Player Europe magazine. Dublin.

"Cryptic, dark. Irrefutably unique. Elliptical euphemism and metaphor are (Hughes's) tools. Gambling folklore and parables abound. All told with a twinkle in the eye and one finger on the trigger ... Johnny writes evasively, challenging us to refute, compelling us to believe."

-James Dodd, a.k.a. Tetuso, Bet-the-Pot.com. London.

I’m a Johnny Hughes fan... he has a truly unique style… Hughes’ style is hard (like the man had to be) … These men remember a time when poker wasn’t so much glitz and glamour, when the cameras and lights were substituted for by cigars and guns. It feels a lot safer the way we do it now, but you have to admit there’s a romance to what once was."

Gary Wise. Poker Historian. Bluff Magazine, ESPN.com, Wisehandpoker.com.
Toronto, Canada.

About the Author

Johnny Hughes has written for Bluff Magazine, Bluff Europe, Player Europe, Texas Observer, TexasMonthly.com, GuinnessandPoker.com, PokerPages.com, PokerForum.com, WisehandPoker.com, Bet-the-Pot.com, and Truckiní. He has been a gambler, salesman, and university lecturer. Learn more about Hughes at www.JohnnyHughes.com.

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